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Dixon, the county seat of Webster county, is located at the junction of US 41A and KY 132. It was established in 1860 when the county was formed and named for Archibald Dixon, lieutenant governor and U.S. senator. It was incorporated in 1861. The Dixon's Court House post office opened in 1860. The population in 1990 was 552.

Revolutionary War veteran William Jenkins in 1794 established a stagecoach inn five miles north of the town's present site, on the old Indian trail between Nashville and St. Louis.

The town was incorporated on February 6, 1861 and was named after Archibald Dixon, former lieutenant governor of the state (1844-48) and U.S. Senator (1852-55). The notorious Harp brothers, murderous outlaws, once roamed the area.

The downtown area has a number of historic homes and was the site of a number of Civil War skirmishes.

Historical Sites

Rice House - 400 Main Street, Dixon
Birthplace of poet Cale Young Rice and his philanthropist wife, Leban Lace Rice(Alice Hegan Rice). Some outstanding titles of Rice and his wife are Bridging the Years, Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, and Passionate Follies.

Battle of Burnt Mill - KY 630, near Vanderburg, Dixon
A few miles outside of Dixon on KY 630 is the site of the Battle of Burnt Mill. This skirmish, which occurred in 1861 at Deer Creek, was the first battle of the Civil War to take place in Kentucky . Twenty-five Union soldiers were taken captive by the local Confederate contingent, led by Captain Al Fowler of Hopkins County .

Harp's Head - U.S. 41A, Dixon

The head of notorious outlaw, Big (Micajah) Harp, was hung here in 1800 as a warning to other outlaws after he and Little (Wiley) Harp roamed Kentucky from 1798-99 on a crime spree.

The People's Bank, Dixon (c. 1903)
Currently being used for attorney offices.

Historic War Memorial on the Courthouse Lawn in Dixon
Built in remembrance of 85 Webster County residents who died in World Wars I & II, it's a true reminder of the part Webster County played in the history of our nation.

Festivals & Events

Purple Opry House - Sebree
Downtown Main Street
Open Saturday Nights 6-9 pm


Dogwood Valley Trading Post - Clay

Places of Interest

County Historical Sites

Story of the Harp Brothers

County Historical Markers

County Civil War Sites

Parker Warner Historic Museum - Collection of photography, memorabilia, written & oral history. 500 S Broadway St., Providence 270-667-5022

Webster County Genealogy Society - located at the Webster County Courthouse in Dixon

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